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My #30minutesfor30dayschallenge Journey!

About 3 months into working from home in 2020 it became evident that I was spending too much time in front of the screen, and not any time getting off the office chair.

As a result, I committed to taking a 30 minute walk everyday at lunch. I would walk to my local Circle K and back. I would reward myself for the walk by buying a $3 scratch ticket, which cost much less than the Grande Latte I would have had daily from the Union Station Starbucks on my daily commute. It may not seem like much, but that little reward kept me motivated to keep going everyday.

When this challenge came up, because I had already been doing 30 minutes walking every day, I decided that I needed a new route, and a longer distance/walk time. I then committed to walk our beautiful waterfront every morning from approximately 6:45-8:20am. I did it EVERYDAY. RAIN OR SHINE!!!

I documented my walks everyday on my social media (instagram: @cdnnascarfan ) #30minutesfor30dayschallenge #barrieontario capturing the beauty of Barrie's crown jewel, #KempenfeltBay . I really enjoyed the challenge of taking photos of what I saw during these walks trying to capture something a little different everyday. It's been a fun side challenge.

Over the past 30 days, my fitbit tells me that I have walked over 202 miles (325KM). To celebrate my accomplishment, I was planning to reward myself with a new pair of running shoes.

However on this day, my very last day of the challenge, after parking my car in the South Centennial lot, in the same spot every day for 30 days, today of all days, my parking permit was not in full view for parking enforcement to see, resulting in a fine.

So new shoes aren't in the cards as I now have to make a "charitable donation" to the city instead. This really deflated me after the joy of completing the challenge. #suckstobeme

I will however continue my morning walks as it's a great way to start the day, and enjoy the simple beauty within this awesome jewel we have in this city we call home.

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Author Commented miller_ford_fan over 2 years ago
Thank you Alex. The parking ticket situation has been dealt with and all's well that ends well. Got those new runners and still enjoying the daily morning trek! Cheers!!!
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Alex Malmsten over 2 years ago
Thank you for sharing your story! We are thrilled to hear about your 30 for 30 Challenge experience – it sounds like you really embraced it. Walking along the waterfront is a great way to get in your 30 minutes of activity, and one of my favourite ways to get active, too.

I’m sorry to hear about your experience on the last day. You can learn more about waterfront parking, or parking tickets, on the City’s website at

We are so happy you will continue to remain active even after the Challenge is over. Best of luck!
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