Week 1 tips and motivation: Start slow

This week's theme is to start slow. Achieving a goal is no small task, especially a month-long goal!

This week, aim to start slow and get outside in ways you are familiar and comfortable with, and that you enjoy! Some ideas are:

Walking around the block;

going for a short jog;


or heading out for a bike ride.

Keep accountable: Let your family and friends know you're taking the challenge!

Another way to help achieve your goal is to involve your family and friends by telling them about your goal of 30 minutes of outdoor physical activity a day for 30 days. They may even be motivated to join you! Don't forget to keep track of your progress using our activity tracker.

Tip: Set a realistic goal. You're busy, we get it! If you know there's one day you won’t be able to get out, try getting out for one hour the day before or after. Or, change your goal by challenging yourself to not miss two days in a row. For example: if you know you can’t make it out on Wednesday, then find a way to get out on Tuesday and Thursday! The key is setting a goal that is realistic for your lifestyle and sticking to it.

What is your "go-to" physical activity to get outside? Let us know!

There is an entire community of Barrie residents taking the challenge with you, so don't forget to share your stories and photos to encourage, motivate and inspire others!

Remember to take it one day at a time, and have fun!

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