Special Provisions

    What is a special provision and how does it affect my property?

    Special provisions (SPs) are By-Laws that introduce area- or site-specific zoning standards, such as building setbacks or height limits, to facilitate development or recognize unique circumstances. These were often implemented to facilitate development, usually subdivisions. This is why SPs typically affect broad areas vs. individual lots.

    Why is this change being made to the in-effect special provision(s)?

    Staff recommend removal of special provisions where the development has occurred and the area is built out. Any standards introduced by special provision By-Law XYZ will be replaced by standards in the proposed Zoning By-Law provides. In most cases, the standards in the proposed Zoning By-Law are slightly less restrictive and will permit more housing options and uses.

    How will the removal of the in-effect special provision affect my property now and into the future?

    The repeal/removal of an in-effect special provision will mean that a property will no longer be subject to area or lot-specific zoning standards. Rather, the property will be subject to the generic standards of the zone in which a property is located.

    How can I find the special provisions affecting my property?

    To assist property owners review the special provisions affecting their property, as well as information on whether the special provisions is proposed to be kept or removed, the City has prepared a mapping tool. 

    This tool enables property owners to look up the current and proposed zoning of their property. More importantly, the mapping tool allows residents to review the unique zoning standards introduced by the special provision By-Law that applies to their property. 

    How do I know if the in-effect special provisions should be kept or removed?

    City staff have reviewed all in-effect special provisions to determine whether they should be kept or removed. This was done by reviewing the in-effect zoning standards introduced by the special provision By-Law against the standards in the proposed Zoning By-Law. In most cases, special provisions By-Laws were implemented to facilitate development that has already occurred, and as such they are no longer required. Special provision By-Laws related to built-out developments are proposed to be removed. However, special provision By-Laws related to ongoing development are proposed to be maintained and will form part of the new zoning By-Law.

    Do I have to submit feedback?

    Property owners that disagree with staff’s recommendation as to whether an SP should be kept or removed must do so in writing by mail to: Attn: Director of Development Services, Barrie City Hall, 70 Collier Street, P.O Box 400, Barrie ON, L4M 4T5. Feedback can also be provided by email to newzoningbylaw@barrie.ca.

    I am a single property owner living in my home in a neighbourhood that is already developed/built-out. Why have I received this letter?

    As a property owner, you may own property subject to a special provision which is technically applicable but has no practical use today because your neighbourhood is built out. These special provisions may relate to minor technical details, such as minimum lot sizes, minimum frontage requirements, etc. City staff are obligated to provide notice that a change is proposed, even if these special provisions have little to no practical application.


    What is a Zoning By-law?

    What is a Zoning By-law?

    A Zoning By-law controls the use of land in our community; it tells us how land may be used, where buildings and other structures can be located, the types and form of buildings that are permitted, and how those buildings can be used.

    It tells you what you are allowed to do with your property (in your neighbourhood), like widening your driveway, adding an addition to your home, and requirements for fences, landscaping, parking, etc.

    It's a key document that helps implement Barrie’s new Official Plan.

    Why does Barrie need an updated Zoning By-law?

    This is the first new Zoning By-law for Barrie in 13 years. The City realizes that some land use planning best practices have changed, and that we also have new concerns that we need to respond to today.

    What are the main changes in the first draft of the new Zoning By-law?

    The changes proposed in the first draft of the Zoning By-law provide more permissive and flexible zoning categories, high quality public realm while responding to zoning trends and best planning practices.