Why is stormwater important?

    Managing stormwater allows us to control flooding and reduce pollution. In undeveloped areas, rainfall and melted snow soak into the ground and into natural creeks. In developed areas, rainfall and melted snow travel more quickly over roof tops, driveways and roads while collecting pollutants like dirt, oil, fertilizer, grass-clippings, pet waste, litter etc., and carrying them to our local creeks and Lake Simcoe.

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    What stormwater issues are there in Barrie?

    There are many different pressures on the City’s stormwater system including development (increased imperviousness), deteriorating and insufficient infrastructure and climate change.

    The City has already experienced incidences of flooding resulting in damage to private and municipal property and erosion along creeks which threaten private and municipal properties.

    Without proper financing for preventative maintenance and asset renewal, there is potential for an increase in disruptive failures and costly repairs.

    How is the City currently financing stormwater and how much funding is needed?

    The City’s stormwater program is currently supported by the general tax levy (property tax). Recent studies have shown a stormwater funding gap of $11.7 million per year. Addressing this funding gap through the City’s current stormwater funding model would put an additional strain on property taxes.